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Stop lying to your dentist: a guide on how to pick up flossing and other habits

Having a routine is about making the boring mundane tasks automatic, so that you can invest your creative thinking time on the stuff you really need to. Morning routines are particularly important to set you free to do what you need for the rest (or most of the rest) of the day.
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My morning routine checklist for the last two weeks


I started using checklists for my daily tasks some years ago. I did it so I wouldn’t have to rely on my memory to remember everything. I tried to use to do it for a while in 2012, but the site didn’t work well on mobile at the time, and I dropped it after some months. This recent “streak” of tracking my daily tasks using a checklist began at the end of last August.

In the beginning, I just made a list of every one of my daily actions, including things like going to the bathroom, or drinking water. Then I refined the process by taking some unnecessary actions out of it (I was always a heavy water drinker, and tracking my trips to the bathroom wasn’t exactly achieving any goals).